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Toileting Aids
Bariatric Solution ComfortSeat SCS-7000 - Heavy Duty Supports Up To 600 Pounds

The Baratric Solution ComfortSeat® (SCS-7000)

Heavy duty full-featured toileting aid, which supports up to 600 lbs.
Solution ComfortSeat - The Definition of Bariatric
The Bariatric Solution ComfortSeat® was specifically designed to safely and comfortably support large and heavy users, up to 600 lbs. in weight. The heavy-duty materials and construction of the SCS-7000 help evenly distribute the user's weight, has no painful pinch or poke points, and offers top-tier comfort amenities. Featuring adjustable warm water washing modes, back-and-forth sweeping wash motion for a wide cleaning area, adjustable heated seat, adjustable rear washing (from a light trickle to a powerful cleaning spray), feminine front washing, automatic and manual nozzle cleaning for the front and rear wash nozzles, has a soft-closing heavy-duty seat and lid, quick-release feature for easy cleaning, and advanced energy saving technology.

All features are controlled with a simplified wireless remote control! The remote control includes a mountable wall-holder, can be placed on either side of the commode, can even be operated with feet or a reaching tool, has a simple display screen, and is very intuitive with clear labels and easy to press buttons.

The Bariatric Solution ComfortSeat® has been designed to providing top-tier comfort and hygiene features, for large or heavy users - guaranteed up to 600 lbs. If, in the first 24 months, the heavy-duty seat shows any sign of damage or strain due to weight (assuming proper installation and usage), we will replace it for FREE. We also offer an 18-month unit warranty, with an additional year warranty available, for in-home usage.
SCS-7000 Features:
Heavy-Duty, Supports Up to 600 lbs.
• Adjustable Water Temperature & Pressure
Sweeping Wash Motion - Wider Cleaning Area
• Adjustable Heated Soft-Closing Seat
Self-Cleaning Wash Nozzle
18 Month Standard Warranty
24 Month Heavy-Duty Seat Guarantee

Simple Wireless Remote Control
• Adjustable Warm Air Dryer
Easy To Install & Operate
• User Sensor - No Accidental Spraying
• Advanced Energy-Saver Technology
• Optional Extended Warranty
• UL Approved

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NOTE: Due to the special nature of the heavy-duty Bariatric Solution ComfortSeat® toileting aid, a little more time is required to assemble and test each unit before shipping. Delivery times may be up 10 ~ 14 business days, depending on distance shipped. Contact us if you need to receive this unit quickly.