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Toileting Aids
Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat SCS-5000

Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat® (SCS-5000)

Easy Push-Button Operation - Sweeping Wash Motion
Easy-To-Use Push Button Controls Personal Hygiene Toileting Aid Back-And-Forth Sweeping Motion
The Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat® has many excellent features that are available with just the touch of a button. The control buttons require very little force to press, are color coded, and clearly labeled.

Once the preferred settings are made, the unit remembers these settings. Now, the user has only to press a single wash button or the dry button to clean themselves. Lights on the panel let the user clearly see what the temperature settings for the water and heated seat are set to. A user-sensor in the seat prohibits the unit from accidentially spraying when nobody is seated on it, even if a button is pressed by accident.

The rear and feminine front wash feature a back-and-forth sweeping motion, for a wider and more effective cleaning. The position of the nozzle and the sweeping motion are adjustable, as are the water pressure and temperature. The adjustable sweeping wash motion is excellent for physically challenged users who cannot reposition themselves on the commode, without assistance. They can adjust the nozzle position, and allow the sweeping wash motion to clean them.

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