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Three Time Caregiver Friendly Award Winner
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Toileting Aids
Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat SCS-5000

Ultimate Solution ComfortSeat® (SCS-5000)

Allows users to wash and dry themselves with the press of a button after using the bathroom.

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This award-winning deluxe toileting aid has many comfort amenities and features, allowing users to easily toilet themselves with the simple press of a button. A self-cleaning nozzle extends out, and washes the user with a forward-and-backward sweeping wash motion. The wash motion, nozzle position, water pressure and warm water temperature are all easily adjustable with a button press. For ladies, there is a feminine front wash with the same options. Once the user is clean, the nozzle retracts and cleans itself. The user can then activate the warm-air dryer, and adjust the air temperature. This is an excellent unit for people who want exceptional clean and comfort with just a press of a button - Now at a LOWER PRICE!

SCS-5000 Features:
• Adjustable Position Front & Rear Wash
• Adjustable Water Temperature & Pressure
Sweeping Wash Motion - Wider Cleaning Area
• Adjustable Heated Soft-Closing Seat
Self-Cleaning Wash Nozzle
• User Sensor - No Accidental Spraying
12 Month Standard Warranty
• Adjustable Warm Air Dryer
• Antibacterial Plastic Construction
Easy To Install & Operate
• Sealed Electronics With Self-Diagnosis
• Automatic Energy-Saver Mode
• Built-in Water Filter
• UL Approved
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NOTE: This unit, the SCS-5000 "Ultimate," has been officially discontinued in 2009. We will continue to service all SCS-5000 units for as long as compatible parts are available. If you have any questions, please contact customer support.

The SCS-5000 has been replaced with the new-and-improved SCS-6000 "Epitome", for the same price as the original SCS-5000.