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Toileting Aids
EZ Warm Wash Solution ComfortSeat SCS-130

EZ Warm Wash Solution ComfortSeat® (SCS-130)

Versatile toileting aid that washes users with adjustable warm water.

Easy To Operate
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Our most-versatile toileting aid, the EZ Warm Wash Solution ComfortSeat® provides excellent personal hygiene with just a press of a button. It is designed to accomodate the special-needs of many physically challenged users. It is compatible with specialty toilet seats like our Bariatric Seats, roll-over commode wheelchairs, and various toilet transfer aids. The control unit may be placed on the right-hand or left-hand side of the toilet, moved around and even placed on a small platform to aid in use. The controls are simple - allowing you to adjust the rear-wash warm water temperature and pressure. Once your personalized temperature and pressure settings are made, you only have to hit the "Wash" button from then on to activate it.

SCS-1000 Features:
• Most Versatile Unit
• Adjustable Warm Water Rear Wash
• Adjustable Water Pressure
• Compatible With Bariatric Seats
• Compatible With 3" Seat Riser
• Controls on Left or Right
• Easy To Operate
• Antimicrobial Plastic Housing
• Compatible With Many Tranfer Aids
60 Day Warranty

NOTE: This unit is no longer available, and has been replaced in function by the Bariatric Solution ComfortSeat® (SCS-7000) and EZ Wash Pro (SCS-125) with the Bariatric Seat (SCS-50). A similarly-priced unit, the Warm Wash (SCS-4000) will be available by this summer.